John McMillan is an award winning composer, producer, and educator living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  He has studied composition at MacEwan University, jazz vocal performance at the University of Toronto, and Film Scoring at UCLA Extension in Los Angeles.  From an early age, John has been attracted to the art of storytelling through visual media.  It is this fascination, combined with his passion for music that has lead to his career as a composer for visual media.

John is passionate about music education and currently resides on faculty at MacEwan University in Edmonton where he teaches film scoring, vocal ensembles, music theory, and composition.

John is honoured to have won the 2017 Rosie Award (AMPIA) in the category of Best Original Musical Score (Non-Fiction Over 30 Minutes) for his work on Vital Bonds (ID Productions), an episode of CBC’s The Nature of Things, Directed by Niobe Thompson and Produced by Rosvita Dransfeld.

  1. The Old Clown at Venice Beach John McMillan 3:59
  2. Hurdy Boom Gurdy Whack John McMillan 2:56
  3. Of Essence John McMillan 4:38
  4. Aftermath John McMillan 2:45
  5. Sirens John McMillan 3:43
  6. Streetlight John McMillan 1:39
  7. The Hub World John McMillan 1:52
  8. A Celebration John McMillan 2:41
  9. The Gift John McMillan 2:20
  10. Pull Back John McMillan 1:47
  11. Three Guitars John McMillan 2:45
  12. The Caves John McMillan 2:21
  13. Willis John McMillan 1:23
  14. Michael John McMillan 2:26
  15. Billy's Theme John McMillan 2:51
  16. Island to the West John McMillan 1:35
  17. Organs by Design John McMillan 3:52
  18. Inside Miles' Head John McMillan 2:52